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As of right now, we do not have space for new students.
Check back regularly to see if this changes!

A Unique Approach to Horse Lessons

Learn to work with horses on a whole new level that will enable you to build a lifelong friendship unlike any other!

This program is designed to teach the human how to work with horses from a relationship first basis. We will focus on communicating with the horse much like horses communicate with each other. Instead of the goal being competition oriented, the goal is relationship oriented.

Through this work, you will gain confidence around the horses, fluidity in your riding and the most loyal and best friendship you could imagine!

If you love horses and would like to learn more about being one with the horse.

Our Goal

At Garland View Stables our goal is to help horses and humans work together to better understand one another.

Spending time with these amazing animals is not only fun- but they enrich our lives and provide a huge sense of accomplishment, friendship, comfort and gratitude.

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